Book Review: Spiderman 2: Doc Around the Clock by Jacob Ben Gunter


Goodreads Synopsis:

Doc Ock has four powerful tentacles, and he’s wreaking havoc across New York City. There is only one person standing in his way — Spider-Man. The web-slinger will do anything in his power to stop the multi-tentacled villain. Read all about one day in the life of Spider-Man’s newest nemesis, Doc Ock.


About the Author:

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My Review:

I really did like this story.  I like to hear about the events of a character’s past and how those events shaped the character into who he/she is today.  I haven’t seen the movies where Tobey Maguire plays Spiderman.  I have only seen part of a movie where Andrew Garfield played Spiderman and I have seen where Tom Holland has played Spiderman.  I have to say that so far Tom Holland is my favorite actor to play Spiderman.



Book Review: Black Widow #6 by Chris Samnee


Goodreads Synopsis:

DRAWING BACK THE IRON CURTAIN! The WEEPING LION has released the BLACK WIDOW’s most dangerous secret into the world. Now Natasha is on a collision course with the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN! Even if they survive CIVIL WAR II, the AVENGERS will never be the same!



I really loved the story line of this one.  I wanted to know what Iron Man would have done to Black Widow if they weren’t really friends.  I can’t wait to find out what happens to this friendship now that Black Widow deceived Iron Man again to gain something that she needed.


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Black Widow #5 by Chris Samnee

Book Review: Black Widow #5 by Chris Samnee


Goodreads Summary:

THE WEEPING LION’S HUNTING GROUND. Using her darkest secret as leverage, the Weeping Lion has pushed Natasha further from the straight and narrow. And Agent Elder of S.H.I.E.L.D. is closing in — is he fellow prey that needs Black Widow’s protection, or another predator?


My Review:

This book was AWESOME with a capital A.  I love the story line of this one and all the illustrations were amazing.  Black Widow is one of the most bad ass women in the Marvel Universe and also one of my favorite avengers.

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