Book Review: The Amazing Spiderman: The Book of Ezekiel by J. Michael Straczynski


Goodreads Synopsis:

Peter delves further into the totemic origin of his powers when the enigmatic Ezekiel returns! Is he truly Peter’s mentor and ally, or something more? Plus: In the aftermath of an interdimensional rift caused by Spider-Man and Doctor Strange’s battle with Dormammu, a sorceress of limitless power is set free…


About the Author:


Joseph Michael Straczynski (born July 17, 1954), known professionally as J. Michael Straczynski and informally as Joe Straczynski or JMS, is an American writer and television producer. He works in films, television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas. He is a playwright, a former journalist, and author of The Complete Book of Scriptwriting. He was the creator and showrunner for the science fiction TV series Babylon 5…. From 2001 to 2007, he was the writer for the long-running Marvel comic book series The Amazing Spider-Man.


My Review:

Really liked this story line and I really what to read more Spiderman books in the future because he is one of my favorite superheroes.  (I also really love Tom Holland’s performance as Spiderman in Spiderman:  Homecoming.)  I really have a feeling that Spiderman himself would seriously approve of this book.