Buying Books

I really do love it when I am able to find the book that I am currently reading from the library at a store.  The reason that I am saying this is that I found A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas at Walmart this morning and I just laughed about.  I really did buy it so that way I could turn the library’s book back in to give other people a chance to read it.   Don’t get me wrong, I do love getting books from the library because it gives me a chance to find out if I would like the book or not.  It’s like renting a movie that you are not sure you are going to like or not because you don’t want to buy it, watch it, and then realize you don’t like it as well as realizing that you just wasted $20 on a DVD of a movie that you probably will never watch again.  I know that some people will never read the same book more than once, but I do sometimes.  I know that if I buy the books, I will always have them to read whenever I want to, but with the library, that same book might not always be there when you want to read it and you have to wait a few days or weeks just to read that book and the feeling of wanting to read it may pass and you read something else.



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